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YBAA University 2020 - Early Bird Registration Opens April 20, 2020

YBAA is planning a special YBAA U program for 2020 to recognize and celebrate YBAA 100 Anniversary and the fact that YBAA is the oldest, continuous yacht broker association in the Universe. Originally founded in 1920 as the YABA (Yacht Architects and Brokers Association), now 100 years later the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA) thrives as a professional trade association to unite Yacht Sales Professionals throughout North America to: establish, promote and enforce high standards of professional competence, character and ethical conduct; foster public recognition of, and support for, YBAA and its member brokers; facilitate cooperation among member brokers; and, enhance each member's success.

Save the dates: July 14, 2020, Annapolis, MD and July 16, 2020, Providence, RI

We have some special stuff planned for both YBAA U’s including the keynote address by non-other than Gary Jobson and a 100 Anniversary cocktail reception at the end of the YBAA U’s.

Stay tuned for more detail…

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