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The Top Rules of the Most Successful Salespeople

by John Chapin

What follows is a list of most important rules followed by the top 1% of salespeople. Burn these into your brain by reading them every morning when you first wake up and right before you go to bed for the next 30 days. After that read them once a week. 

Rule 1: My most important result is to sell. 

Rule 2: My most important activity is to talk to as many potential prospects as possible. This is my main focus every day and I don’t let anything distract me from this most important task. 

Rule 3: I am in the people business first and foremost. I build solid, long-term relationships. 

Rule 4: I am a team player and play well with others. 

Rule 5: I have a great attitude, am self-disciplined, and am the hardest worker in the workplace. 

Rule 6: I show up early, leave late, and work nights and weekends. 

Rule 7: I persevere and persist. I refuse to quit until I win. 

Rule 8: I am thick-skinned and don’t take things personally. 

Rule 9: I always smile no matter what gets thrown at me. 

Rule 10: I am extremely responsive and answer client/prospect communications as quickly as possible. I also answer calls and e-mails at night and on the weekends. 

Rule 11: I am self-motivated. I know WHY I do what I do. I am also self-disciplined so that when motivation wanes, I still do what I need to do even though I may not feel like it. 

Rule 12: I push myself harder than anyone else can possibly push me. 

Rule 13: I am always learning and getting better professionally and personally. I read books, listen to CDs, watch DVDs and videos, follow industry publications, go to workshops and seminars, and invest in learning. 

Rule 14: I take 100% responsibility for my failure and success. I am my greatest enemy or ally. The only one in my way is me. 

Rule 15: I understand there are no excuses. Someone has had it worse and overcome it. 

Rule 16: I face my fears and push out of my comfort zone. I make the tough calls and do something that scares me every day. 

Rule 17: I know my numbers and my daily activity. I know what I have to do every day to hit my weekly, monthly, and annual goals. 

Rule 18: I listen 70 to 80% of the time. When I do talk it is usually to ask good questions. 

Rule 19: I am great at finding problems and never propose a solution until I know the problem(s). 

Rule 20: I always do what’s best for the client and put their needs first. 

Rule 21: I realize that the first sale is to myself. I believe my company and my product are the best. 

Rule 22: I dress well and am neatly groomed. I realize that a good handshake, polished shoes, speaking professionally and intelligently, and having a clean, crisp image are essential. 

Rule 23: I understand that my quality of life comes down to who I associate with and what I put in my brain. I put positive thoughts and ideas in my head and only hang out with positive people. I stay away from negatives and negative people. I also only listen to top salespeople and business people. 

Rule 24: I jump right to the next call after I make a sale and don’t take a break because I know there is power in momentum. 

Rule 25: I am scripted and know exactly what to say in each and every prospect and client situation. 

Rule 26: I am over prepared for any and all sales situations. 

Rule 27: I role play and practice constantly with others and myself. 

Rule 28: I make one more call and do one more thing before knocking off for the day. 

Rule 29: I delegate as many non-sales tasks as I can. 

Rule 30: I time block my schedule and do my best to only work on one thing at a time. 

Rule 31: I outwork, out-relationship, and out-sell the competition. I am more committed. I take better care of our clients than the competition because I care more. 

Rule 32: I do what I say I’ll do when I say I’ll do it and I always go above and beyond and do more than the client expects. 

Rule 33: I do my job and hold myself accountable to the highest professional and ethical standards. I am a person of integrity and character. I am always professional, respectful, and honest.

Rule 34: I focus on agreeing with people as much as possible. 

Rule 35: I know I will have difficult days but refuse to complain or quit. 

Rule 36: I understand that most worthwhile undertakings usually take far more effort than estimated. I am prepared to do whatever amount of work is necessary to make my dreams come true.


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